Our History, Our Culture, Our Heritage

An increasing number of individuals have shown interest in the historical and cultural ties between Freetown, Sierra Leone; Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Jamaica. This has taken the form of lectures and discussions, research and publications, trans-Atlantic visits and even the retracing of long-severed family connections. Historically, Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, was the departure point for the groups of liberated slaves and Black Loyalists who sailed for Freetown, Sierra Leone in January in 1792. Fifteen ships left Halifax carrying about 1,200 passengers. In March, they arrived on the shores of the West African colony owned by a British philanthropic organization called the Sierra Leone Company. The Nova Scotia settlers built houses, established churches, started families and founded the city of Freetown. This much overdue awakening culminated in 2016 when Krio Descendants Union Canada (KDU Canada) launched the 1st journey to Nova Scotia with a 5 day celebration. The Journey to Nova Scotia in 2016 was a

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