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Creole Heritage Association Canada

CHA Canada is a member-based cultural and historical organization. The purpose and mission of CHA Canada is to provide Creoles with a forum for collective cultural expression, a conduit for participation in the general affairs of Sierra Leoneans in the diaspora and in Sierra Leone and to raise funds to effect its goals and mission.

The Zion March

After the American War of Independence, converted slaves were freed and resettled, first in Nova Scotia and then in Sierra Leone (West Africa); hence the name of the capital city, Freetown. In 1792, the Zion Church, was built and it is now one of the legacies of the Nova Scotian settlers.

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Our History, Our Culture, Our Heritage

Fifteen ships left Halifax carrying about 1,200 passengers. In March, they arrived on the shores of the West African colony owned by a British philanthropic organization called the Sierra Leone Company. The Nova Scotia settlers built houses, established churches, started families and founded the city of Freetown.

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